Rasvankeitin Nayati NEF 6-75 Electric Fryer 20 L


600 x 750 x 850 mm (LxSxK)

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Rasvankeitin Nayati NEF 6-75 Electric Fryer 20 L

400 V 3-vaihe
teho 16 kW
600 x 750 x 850 mm (LxSxK)
Tuote nro. 4374
Sijainti: tms Halli 4

Maximum working temperature of 190°C
Separated double tank for cooking different type of food simultaneously
Swiveling heating element for maximum cleaning operation.
Unit to be installed free standing, can be joined with base cabinet, table stand or cantilever system.
Service maintenance can be done from the front panel.

All exterior panels in 304 type of Stainless Steel
Orbital top panel anti-scratch finishing.
Top and side are mounted by 1.S mm of Stainless Steel
Adjustable ±25 mm Stainless Steel leg.
Certified IPX4 protection


Cooking surface (WxD) 2x(180×447) mm
Direct heat emission 1.44kW
Steam emission 16.48 kg / h
Min. working temperature 120°c
Max. working temperature 190°C
Tank Volume 2 x 10 L