Lautaskuumennin Nayati NEHP 4-60 / SN Electric Hot Plate


400 x 600 x 280 mm ( LxSxK )

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Lautaskuumennin Nayati NEHP 4-60 / SN Electric Hot Plate

400 V 3-vaihe
Teho 5,2 kW
400 x 600 x 280 mm ( LxSxK )
Tuote nro. 4377
Sijainti: F1-2 Halli 4

Amicus Electric Hot Plate with 2 Cooking Zones.
Electric version of open burner with multiple cooking purposes, from sauteing to boiling.
Heater installation under heavy duty cast iron hot plates.
Unit can be installed free standing table top, on open cabinet or similar elements, cantilever, or solid block solutions.
Featuring rear seamless fitting to Amicus family.